By invitation only


a place for digital nomads

(and friends)
A temporary Alpine flat-sharing community

From 2016 till 2018 I traveled through the Alpine region to make a dream come true.
The goal was to be able to live and work in nature.


Since May 2019 the "Alp-traum" has finally been a reality.


On my way, I have made many fantastic colleagues and friends who can work anywhere.

So why not share the cabin with you and have a good time in the mountains.


From 2020, visiting and living on "Alptraum" will be free.

For that you have to get involved:
...whether you want to program, write, lay out, cook, chop wood, knit, build a table
....we'll find something you can do.



You have to be tough until April and November, because it's cold.


A view of the mountains, self-realization, peace and LTE
I can offer you.

Here you live and work in and with nature.

Here, luxury is, sitting by the fire until late at night,
to take a walk in the woods during the break,
to carve or to be alone.


You won't find cultural offers, parties or a spa here.


There are 2 workstations in your rooms.

When the weather is good, you can also work in the "Stadlbüro".
There is space for 6 colleagues, electricity and WiFi.

The digital infrastructure
  • Unlimited data volume
  • Download: approx. 50 Mbit/s
  • Upload: approx. 22 Mbit/s
  • Ping: approx. 20 ms
  • WiFi throughout the house / garden
  • fixed IP

Breaks & Leisure

Design the day as you like it best.

Walking, cycling, chopping wood, carving, embroidering
Ax throwing, mushrooms & Herbs collect & dry, read, mow with scythe,,
Make a campfire & grill, paint, garden, brand,
Read the tracks, play board games, make (Maiwipfel) liqueur,
Weaving baskets / coasters, playing frisbee / baseball, pressing flowers,
Night hike, lying in the grass, archery, cooking, twisting cords / ropes ...


... tinker with me on new ideas and create nightmare for you and the next visitors:
Next project: "Spend the night in the open air"

Are you technically gifted and / or do you like to help? Let me know.

Your room

You live in the 2 rooms on the upper floor
with separate entrance.

One room is a walk-through room.
The furniture is rustic.
You will find single beds, several cupboards, two tables / workplaces and WiFi.


We share the kitchen, bathroom and workshop.
Gästezimmer 1
Gästezimmer 1
Gästezimmer 1
Gästezimmer 2
Gästezimmer 2



When you arrive you will find plenty of regional products in the communal fridge.
There is always enough for your breakfast and snack.
As a warm meal there is always a soup or a stew on the fire.


If you want something "special", write me a shopping list or bring it with you.
If you need a change or want to do something good for others, you can cook yourself.
For the more refined cuisine, you will also find restaurants in the region.


if you are a vegetarian or vegan or have allergies, I will be happy to take this into account.
Please write me that in an email.


Alptraum is located in the "Naturpark Sölktäler".

The former hunting lodge stands alone in a meadow at the edge of the forest.
The closest neighbors are approx. 900 meters away.

Getting to "Alptraum"


If you travel by car, you end up driving on a 3 km long gravel road..
In winter you need four-wheel drive.

You'd better park for free at a train station or airport and I'll pick you up.


Would you prefer to travel by public transport,
I will be happy to pick you up at Stein an der Enns, Stainach-Irdning or Schladming train stations.   Routenplaner


For a sustainable experience of nature.

So that we can still experience Alptraum as it is in years to come,
I try to keep the impact on nature (ecological footprint) as low as possible.

  • The hut is already supplied 100% with electricity from hydropower.
  • The heating is CO2-neutral with wood.
  • Most of what we eat and drink comes from local farmers or from the region.
  • The tap water comes from its own source.
  • The wastewater is treated in a biological treatment plant.